Match Day

Match day is one of the most important moments in the life of a fan, representing a unique opportunity to celebrate and share their passion. AC Milan is aware of just how much match day means to their fans and is striving to make it even more special.

Casa Milan welcomes Rossoneri fans and indeed anyone who wishes to discover the Club’s history, values and achievements.

When AC Milan play at San Siro, Casa Milan is a must-visit spot for fans before they head to the stadium. It’s also a great place for families, with entertainment activities laid on throughout the season.

On match day, a fan village is set up in front of the Milan Store featuring various areas dedicated to sport, games and entertainment. The main focus of the village is a synthetic football pitch. This is surrounded by a variety of inflatables, with some used for sporting activities and others serving as covered areas for entertainment. Visitors are met by entertainers ready to paint the fans’ faces red and black and they can also take a photo with Club founder Herbert Kilpin - in mascot form, of course. The images will then be shown on the big screen at San Siro before kick-off. On top of that, fans can have no end of fun on our life-sized table football pitch, which can accommodate up to 11 players per side.

Music is played throughout the village and souvenirs supplied by AC Milan’s commercial partners are handed out free of charge.

As well as the village, the Junior Club is open all afternoon. It’s an area where children can play and watch the match as part of a proper fan club, while older fans can enjoy the game on the screens in the Cucina Milanello restaurant. When the team is playing at home, a host of special initiatives are organised for Milan Clubs, with all members entitled to a discount of over 30% on entry to the Mondo Milan museum. Casa Milan also lends memorabilia and silverware to Milan Clubs for temporary display at local initiatives.

Casa Milan continues to support the Rossoneri fans even when the team is playing away from home. For example, fans have the opportunity to watch the match with one of the first-team players not involved in the game, with supporters are able to pose for photographs with and collect autographs from their heroes.

The overall objective of Sport Production – the department responsible for all entertainment activities – is to ensure that visiting San Siro to watch AC Milan play is an engaging and memorable experience. Whether fans are inside or outside the stadium, be it before the game or at half time, the aim is to optimise the experience for all fans, young and old.

Ahead of kick-off, fans are invited to pose for photos against themed backdrops and then post the images on social media, with the best photos then shown on the big screen inside the stadium during the build-up. Fans can also send messages of encouragement to their heroes by getting involved with Videobox, an initiative organised by AC Milan in collaboration with Radio Italia, the Club’s radio partner until 30 June 2016. The platform features exclusive video content on the match as well as information on the two teams and their coaches and plenty of tactical analysis and match stats.

When the players take to the field for their warm-up, they are met by members of AC Milan Soccer Schools, who also line up with the players before kick-off and then head back out onto the pitch at half time to showcase some of the exercises found in AC Milan’s Integrated Method.

Every time AC Milan play at San Siro, the stadium becomes a special place where the Club and its fans come together. Recognising this, the Club is working hard to promote a series of initiatives designed to entertain its fans before, during and after the game. These activities are made possible thanks to the help of AC Milan’s sponsors, thus boosting the relationship between our commercial partners and the fans attending the game and helping to create a proper Rossoneri community. Among the many activities laid on during the 2015/2016 season, the McVitie’s initiative – which was later recognised at the Sponsorship Awards 2016 – is deserving of special mention.

Scendi in campo con McVitie’s (Take to the field with McVitie’s) was an instant-win competition designed by McVitie’s in collaboration with AC Milan and run during the Club’s home matches against Inter, Juventus and Lazio.

The competition itself was a very simple one. Hostesses positioned by the turnstiles handed out sample packs of digestive biscuits to fans, with stickers bearing the competition symbol attached to the packaging. Three lucky fans would be given “winning packs” and win an AC Milan jersey and two footballs. The winners were called out onto the pitch ahead of kick-off, with the prizes presented by McVitie’s Italia CEO Luca Alessandri and Rossoneri legends Mauro Tassotti, Filippo Galli and Franco Baresi, and the whole thing shown on the stadium’s big screens.

The competition also had an online dimension. Using an app, the fans were able to enter a prize draw to win a supply of digestive biscuits by using the registration code announced to fans over the stadium loudspeakers.



Stadium 2013/2014 2014/2015 2015/2016
Total match-day tickets sold 515,697 352,586 440,027
Total match-day ticket revenue € 18,185,335 € 11,717,038 € 13,516,000
Number of season-ticket holders attending matches 575,997 367,312 366,953
Total season-ticket revenue € 13,764,268 € 8,550,563 € 8,427,257
Overall stadium revenue € 31,949,603 € 20,267,601 € 21,943,257

Spectators 2015/2016
Female spectators at stadium 20%
Male spectators at stadium 80%
Spectators under the age of 18 at stadium 13.4%
Spectators between the ages of 18 and 30 at stadium 37.4%
Spectators between the ages of 30 and 40 at stadium 21.8%
Spectators between the ages of 40 and 65 at stadium 25%
Spectators over the age of 65 at stadium 2.4%
Number of disabled spectators at stadium 2
Female television spectators* 26%
Male television spectators* 74%
Television spectators under the age of 19 9%
Television spectators between the ages of 20 and 34 14%
Television spectators between the ages of 35 and 54 35%
Television spectators over the age of 54 42%